Whether you are experienced at dating, or just starting to date again after coming out of a long relationships these 10 Free Dating Tips for Men should help you get off to a good start!

1. Make a good first impression. This starts with your personal hygiene. Get a hair cut if necessary and shave. You don’t have to wear cologne (in fact some women don’t like it) but you must be clean. Make sure you are wearing nice looking clothes that  fit you well and make you feel comfortable.

2. Be a Good Listener. Ask your date a lot of questions about herself and listen to the answers. most women love to talk and if you can remember things she’s told you and bring them up later, you will make a good impression.

3. Remember your manners. Women want to be treated with respect. Hold the door open for your date. Don’t use rude or vulgar language. It can also help to know how and what to eat in a fancy restaurant.

4. Consider Stopping Smoking If you smoke, you want to seriously consider giving it up. If you can’t, make all attempts to get rid of your smoker’s breath and cough. Ironically enough, even women who smoke can’t stand the smell of smoke on their man.

5. Keep your sports lingo to a minimum. Most men love sports and that’s fine. But it shouldn’t be all you talk and think about, at least while you are with your date. Some women love sports too. But they don’t tend to talk about as much as men can can!

6. Try to keep up with current affairs that you can discuss in conversation.

7. Consider learning how to dance. Many women love to dance and the benefit for you is that it puts you in close contact with each other. Dancing is considered romantic and sexy. Worse than being a terrible dancer is staying seated when your date wants to dance. You could even take lessons together.

8. Don’t expect sex on the first date.

9. Do Different Things on Your Date. Taking your date for a drink every once in a while is fine but don’t make it a habit to hang out at bars all the time.

10. Let her Know about Your Goals and Ambitions.
Most women want a man who has some ambition in life and even if they pretend to think your job isn’t important, they do.

These are just 10 free dating tips for men. If you would like more tips on being successful at dating, watch this video.

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