If you are just getting started with online dating, or if you’ve been doing it for a while without much success you may want to read about these common 10 online dating mistakes. Hopefully this will help you to avoid making these mistakes yourself (or help to correct them if you are already guilty!)

Mistake 1 – Not adding a photo to your profile. Did you know that a lot of people won’t even consider dating a person who doesn’t have a photo in their profile? Profiles with a photo get as much as 10 times more responses than photos without!  So be sure to include a good clear photo of yourself.

Mistake 2 – Writing a Boring Profile. If your profile is boring, people will just assume that you are too! Take your time, and write an interesting profile. If you are struggling, why not invite a friend or two round for a drink and let them help you? Or read more about writing a good profile.

Mistake 3 – Not being honest. If you lie about yourself or embelish the truth, you are bound to get found out eventually, especially if you start to get serious with someone. Be honest about who you are and also about what you want.

Mistake 4 – Overused Profile Headlines. Overused tag lines will make your hard to find diamond into a worthless pile of stones. You should be original and try to be a bit creative in your profile headline. People with ordinary taglines tend to make their profile look boring or plain, thus making it least visited and would have a hard time in catching the eye of other members.

Mistake 5 – Not making your first contact email personal. If you are sending emails to a lot of people if may be tempting to send a standard email to each person. However, taking the time to include at least one or two personal things in the email can make a big difference.

Mistake 6 – Providing too much personal information. Safety is a high priority, especially online where people may not be who you think they are. Don’t give out personal details such as your phone number or address until you have met someone and trust them. Most online dating sites provide safety features and allow you to keep this information private whilst still being able to contact people through the site.

Mistake 7 – Hoping the Right Person will contact you. Many people put their profile up and wait for people to contact them. You need to be pro-active in online dating. Use the search facility to find people who match your criteria and don’t be shy about contacting them.

Mistake 8 – Don’t post too many photos. Avoid posting photos from different stages in your life, as your potential dates will be left confused about who you really are. Similarly, don’t post lots of photos from your last trip abroad. Remember that this is a dating website, not a travel blog!

Mistake 9 - Agreeing to meet in person too soon. If you still don’t know the person well enough,trust your instincts and wait a while before meeting him or her personally. You should try to know the person first before you try and meet personally and go on a traditional date.

Mistake 10 -  Expecting too Much Too Soon. Don’t set your expectations too high. You will probably have to date a few people before you find someone who is right for you. You might be lucky early on, but if you are not, don’t give up.

So have you made any of these 10 online dating mistakes?

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