When you are ready to sign up for an online dating service you may be wondering what information you need to enter for your profile to be most effective.

Here are a few tips for creating a good online dating profile.

Be Honest: The best advice to keep in mind when creating your profile for online dating is to be honest. You may potentially be meeting someone in person and if you are honest from the beginning, you will be able to start off a new relationship on the right foot. It can be very tempting to elaborate on information, but it will not be in your best interest in the long run.

Post a Photo:
You will always get better results if you post a picture on your profile. When someone doesn’t have a photo, the first thought is “What are they hiding?”.  This should be a well lit recent photo of yourself. One big mistake is to put a photo on your profile of you when you were a lot younger. Although this may attract people initially your dating success rate will plummet when they meet you and find out how old you actually are!

Get Help from a Friend: Many people have a hard time writing about themselves and you may find that you are very uncomfortable bragging about yourself. You need to showcase the things that you value most about yourself and if this is hard for you to do, it can be easier to have a friend or family member that thinks highly of you do this for you. One good tactic is to ask a close friend or family member to help you write your profile.

Don’t Tell People Everything:
You do not have to post every detail about yourself on your profile and if you are uncomfortable disclosing details like your weight and height, it may be okay to keep this personal information to yourself. You should at least indicate your age range as some people have very specific criteria about age when looking for a partner.

Follow these 4 online dating profile tips and you will massively increase your success rate.

If you need some help with finding the right words for your profile here are some online dating profile ideas