Ok, so you are on the date from hell and there is absolutely no way that you can last until the end. What are you going to do? Read these 7 Ways to Lose a Bad Date and be prepared if this happens to you ;-)

METHOD 1 – Be Honest

If you are a direct person, you could simply tell your date flat out that it is not working and that you are going to leave, but most people are just not wired to be that open. Society has ingrained us to be polite, no matter how unhappy it makes us, so that leaves us to do a little creative date ditching.

METHOD 2 – Phone a friend

Wait for a private moment or slip to the bathroom and call a friend. Have your friend call you as soon as possible and fake an emergency. Apologise to your date and make a quick exit. This is probably the easiest and most kind way to lost a bad date!

METHOD 3- Lose your date on the dancefloor

If you are on a bad date at a dance club, lead them to the dance floor and then allow the crowd to swallow you up. By the time Goofy VonBadDate whines and worms his way through the crowd, you will be long gone.

METHOD 4 – The psychological method

A little psychological warfare can chase off a bad date too, but proceed carefully. Look your date in the eye and announce that you think that your babies would be positively beautiful. With any luck, that little gem will have your date slipping out after having suddenly remembered some pressing engagement. If not, you may have just encouraged them a little further :-(

METHOD 5 – Make a run for it

If you were smart, and believe me, you will be after this little life lesson, you checked out the floor plan of the restaurant that you are currently being tortured in. Is there a door near the bathroom? Pop in to “freshen up” and then slip on out. Even if you have to run all the way around the building to get to your car, it is worth the effort to ditch that insufferable loser.

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