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Dating for Single Parents

dating for single parentsThe dating scene is already a daunting task for singles, so dating for single parents can be even more difficult. Sure, your child may be the apple of your eye but there comes a time when you just want some companionship and adult interaction. Here are a few tips for dating when you have children:

1) Clearly state on your online dating profile that you have children – Be upfront in your dating profile and state that you have children and that you would like to meet other people with children. Disclosing this information will ensure that there are no nasty surprises. You will generally find that there are a good number of people who are perfectly happy to date people with children, but at the same time there are also many people who do not want to date a parent.

2) Register for dating sites that are specifically for single parents – Narrow your search and register for online dating sites that are specifically tailored for single parents. Websites like Dating for Parents represent single parents that are looking for love and a great opportunity to meet other people in similar situations. The only real downfall is that the membership base may be limited, so be sure to register for free first and have a look around the dating for single parents website before you actually join. If there are not enough people in your area you would be better trying one of the most popular dating sites instead. You’ll probably find plenty of other single parents on there and many non parents who are more than happy to date someone with kids.

3) Chat to your children about your plans for dating — If you have older children, sit down with them and talk with them about your plans to start dating. Tell them why you would like to start dating and answer any questions that they may have about the process. If they have reservations, try and quell them and state your commitment to them.

4) Think carefully about when to introduce your date to your children – Now this is the all important part of dating for single parents, when to make the introduction to your children. First and foremost, your relationship with the person that you are dating should be fully committed and you can see a real long-term future with them. It is important to be selective with who you introduce to your children as you do not want your children to become too attached in case things do not work out. The introduction of your date to your children should be when you, your date and the children are ready. Make the situation informal, casual and relaxed to ease the pressure of the situation.

Dating for single parents can be daunting as it is not only you that you have to consider but also your children’s well-being. Go out and meet new people however understand that it is most beneficial to still spend a lot of quality time with your children. The person that you are dating must understand when that introduction time comes to your children that it is a serious step in the relationship. Enjoy dating as a single mum or dad!

Dating for Parents

4 Tips on Dating Men with Children

Dating a man who already has children from a previous relationship can be as rewarding as it can be difficult. It’s very important to keep in mind that you have to be aware of not only your partner’s feelings, but also the child’s.

Sometimes, it can be very hard to initially develop a relationship with a child that is not yours – and that’s ok. The important thing is to remember that you are dealing with more than one person when you choose to get involved with their parent. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for dating men with children.

Tip One – Don’t Move too Fast
While it’s very easy to want to step in and be part of the child’s life, remember to take it slow. If you jump into the relationship saying you want to be their parent-figure, you may not come across as sincere as you are intending. Generally, it’s not the best idea to meet the children too soon into the relationship. Make sure that both of you can see it progressing in a serious direction before you involve any children. Don’t rush into it, take the time to build a good relationship with the child first as well as your partner. The child will let you know when it’s time to take the step towards being more to them.

Tip Two – Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Jealousy
For some, it may be very difficult to accept that your partner will always have a connection to another person by means of their child together. Even people who welcome the idea of helping raise another person’s children occasionally have a jealous twinge or two. It’s perfectly natural to have feelings of jealously about this, however don’t let them get in the way of your relationship together. What was done in the past is just that, the past- Focus on building a future. And most importantly, don’t take your feelings of jealousy out on the child/children.

Tip Three – Be Supportive
Most single parents are apprehensive when it comes to beginning a new relationship with someone. Having a child thrown into the mix can make dating considerably more difficult because they have to worry about hurting the child as well if the relationship ends. Remember to be supportive of their fears and don’t push them too quickly. For some, it may not take a long time to build trust. However, others may take a lot longer than expected to open up.

Tip Four – Don’t Forget About Your Partner
It can be very easy to lose sight of the actual relationship between you and your partner while you are worrying about the children involved. Make sure that the two of you remember to set aside alone time that focuses around the bond the two of you share. The children are a very important aspect; however, maintaining a healthy and loving relationship is just as crucial as their needs. Always take the time to ensure both of you are on the same page with where the relationship is leading so you can avoid roadblocks before they become a problem.

Bear these tips in mind when dating men with children and hopefully your relationship will be off to a good start!

Online Dating For Single Parents

Many people are familiar with online dating, but if you are a single parent there are online dating for single parents sites that are specifically geared for this growing population.  Parents are allowed to date and while it may seem impossible, if you can find another single parent to interact with it may be very comforting and this can help you have a common denominator from the very beginning.

Instead of finding a regular dating site and not including the fact that you have children; you may instead want to be honest and up front about your children from the very beginning.  Going to a site that is geared towards online dating for single parents, such as Dating for Parents will give you your very own space to meet others that are in the exact same situation you are.

With online dating you need to take things very slow before you meet and become involved with someone.  A single parent that is online dating will need to take things at an even slower pace for the sake of the children involved.  You may want to make sure that you are in a committed relationship with someone before you introduce them to your children and this can prevent your children from being introduced to everyone you choose to date.

One of the biggest advantages of a dating service that caters to single parents is that you can talk about your children on the dates you go on.  You will get to hear about the other person’s children too and this can help you get to know them even before you meet them.  If you decide that you want to pursue a relationship with a person that you meet online, having the entire children meet at one time may be a very exciting time and this can show you if both families can integrate.  Many families blend easily together and this can be a dream come true.

You may want to talk to your children about anyone you are dating and when your children find out that this person has children also, it may be very exciting to them.  They may be very curious about this family and often children blend very well if the introduction is done properly.

Online dating for single parents is one of the best ways for parents to meet other likeminded individuals.  It can be hard for someone with children to mix with someone that has never had children.  Online dating is one of the fastest growing ways for people to meet others and parents are no exception. To register for a dating website aimed specifically at parents, go to Dating for Parents.

What do you do if your children don’t like who you are dating? They may be bluntly telling you that they do not like the person you are dating, or it could just be a subtle feeling you are getting from the way they react when you tell them you are meeting your date, or when you bring them round to the house.

When children don’t like who you are dating this can be for a number of reasons including jealousy because they feel that you are spending less time with them or it could even be anger becasue they feel that your date is trying to appear to replace their mother or father.

In this situation, the best thing to do is to sit down individually with each child to explore these underlying feelings.  In a lot of cases it won’t be that your child personally doesn’t like who you are dating- they may feel like this about everyone you date, regardless of the person. Get them to try to open up about their reactions. This isn’t always easy , especially during the teenage years.  Kids connect more when spoken to in a non “teacher-like” way at times. Go into your own childhood a bit with them and see if this can generate a genuine conversation.

If it is not a personal thing, ask yourself, why don’t my children like who I’m dating? Are there certain qualities about your partner that you can see may be difficult for your kids? For instance is there a certain tone of voice that they may be reacting to or is there a habit that may be offensive that your partner doesn’t realize he or she engages in? If that is the case, it is worth trying to discuss it with themif the person is open to it. Sometimes people don’t realize that they are too critical or that they interrupt someone when they speak.

One thing that can be helpful is to have your date spend time alone with the child (or children) that dislike(s) him or her. They actually may get along much better that way in your absence. This seems to happen a lot when the key person isn’t in the mix.

One thing to remember is that it is very common for your children to dislike the person you are dating, but if you approach this with the right attitude you have a good chance of turning the situation around.

If you would like to try a dating site geared towards parents, you may want to try Dating for Parents.