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Online dating vs Real life dating

online dating vs real life datingWhen comparing Online dating vs Real life dating there are many similarities but also many differences. Single men and women may have a particular preference for online dating or real life dating or alternate between both.

Both online and offline dating have their advantages and disadvantages and it is often better if you can do either of these rather than sticking to one or the other.

Here are a few comparisons of online and offline dating:

  • Online dating websites can provide opportunities to meet countless of single people giving you a wide selection of potential partners to choose from. Real life dating is limited to the people you meet at bars, parties, clubs, single events and other opportunities where you may meet single people.

  • To initiate contact with someone that you are interested in online, you can use “flirting functions” that most websites offer, like sending a “wink”, “poke” or “heart”. Rejection may be in the form of a non response. In person, when you see someone that you are interested in, it can take a lot of courage to approach someone and start up a conversation with them. You have to be prepared with being rejected in person.

  • You can get to know people online through the comfort of your own home rather than having to get dressed up, going to bars, spending money on drinks and hoping to meet someone on your night out.

  • In real life dating, instant attraction and chemistry can be sensed straight away. With online dating, a period of great correspondence may mean you have a connection however when you decide to meet in real life, the chemistry and attraction may not translate in person.

  • Behind a computer, online daters can write any sort of information that they want whether it be truthful or not. They may lie about information such as their age, occupation and relationship status. In person, it is easier to gauge whether a person is being truthful by the information they are telling you or by asking them specific questions.

  • Online dating has some negative stigma as a way of meeting single people. People can assume it is unsafe and potentially dangerous where you can meet unfavourable people who have not been totally truthful in their online dating profile. Real life dating is seen as traditional and the preferred way of meeting people.

The traditional way of meeting single people and dating is through face-to-face however with Internet access becoming more and more common world wide, meeting people online has become more popular. There are many differences and similarities of both methods of meeting people. Online dating vs Real life dating both have their advantages and disadvantages however combining both methods will mean you can double your chances of meeting that special someone!

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Questions to Ask When Internet Dating

questions to ask when internet datingQuestions to ask when Internet dating can be difficult, especially when you barely know the other person. You will want to ask questions that will spark a bit of interest and dialogue so the person will eventually want to meet you.

Go for more light-hearted conversation starters than questions that are too heavy. Ideas for questions to ask people on dating sites include:

- Where is your favourite holiday destination?
- Which country do you want to holiday in next?
- Which shows do you like to watch?
- If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
- What sort of music are you into?
- What did you study at college or university?
- What is your biggest achievement?
- What are you looking for in a relationship?
- What do you look for in a partner?
- What is your dream job?
- Who is your favourite actor / actress?
- What would be your best traits?
- Ask about hobbies or interests that they have listed on their profile.
- Ask about their family, how many siblings they have and whether they are close.
- Ask where they grew up.
- Ask what they got up to on the weekend.
- Ask whether they have an exciting plans coming up in the near future.

Questions to ask when Internet dating should be open-ended and allow the person to elaborate on your question. Asking questions that can be simply answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will put an end to the dialogue! Be sure, that you don’t bombard them with too many questions as you don’t want to come across as though you’re interrogating them. Don’t get too personal and too intrusive with your questions and ask about what sort of car they drive and how much money they make. Be personalised and spontaneous in your questions.

Internet dating is a great way to meet new people that you could potentially date. By asking the right questions, get to know the other person before you actually meet face-to-face. It is a good opportunity to find out whether you have any common interests, share similar views of life and have a sense of compatibility. If you find out that you don’t really have much in common then that is a sign that it is not meant to be. Questions to ask when Internet dating is crucial to assess whether it is worth meeting them face-to-face and whether that online chemistry translates offline as well!

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Online Dating Dos and Don’ts

online dating dos and don’tsOnline dating has become a more and more popular way of meeting people in recent times. The majority of households in the UK now have access to a computer and as a result, the world of cyberspace has now opened up a whole new level of online dating. There are certain online dating dos and don’ts involved in meeting people through the Internet;

  • Do include a photo on your online dating profile. People who have a photo attached to their profile are more likely to receive more attention than people who don’t have a photo. Make sure the photo is recent and is not obscured by sunglasses or hats.
  • Do make your profile interesting and appealing. If your profile is basic and dull then that won’t exactly have people wanting to contact you especially when there are other profiles that are much more witty and intriguing.
  • Do keep your first email and subsequent emails brief and light-hearted. A paragraph or two is enough to keep an air of mystery about you until you finally decide to meet. Knowing a person’s life history before having even met them in person doesn’t make things as enthralling as making little personal discoveries along the way!
  • Do meet in public for your first date and take things slow and steady. You want to make sure the other person is sincere and genuine before you decide that the relationship is worth pursuing.
  • Don’t use clichés in your online dating profile. Saying that you love long walks on the beach is very cliche and does not reveal anything interesting about you. Be unique in what you have to say!
  • Don’t forget to double check your spelling. If your profile is ridden with spelling mistakes, it shows that you are a bit careless in your writing and may be even a turn off for people who have a hang up about spelling!
  • Don’t reveal any confidential information on your profile or in email exchanges with the other person. Don’t reveal personal information such as where you live, your last name, your home number and where you work. Stalkers do exist so the best thing is to go on at least a few dates before you reveal any sort of personal information.
  • Don’t continue seeing someone if you don’t have chemistry with them. You will know in the first few minutes of meeting whether you have that spark with them or not. If it isn’t there on the first date then it’s not there and can’t be created.

There are certain online dating dos and don’ts that people should follow to ensure the online dating experience is positive and successful. Online dating is exciting and is a great way to meet that special someone however do take the necessary precautions!

Safe Online Dating – 5 Tips

safe online dating When someone mentions online dating as an avenue of meeting people, some people will recoil in horror at the thought of meeting a complete stranger from the Internet.  Online dating definitely does not have to be perceived this way with just following a number of simple safe online dating tips.

1) Restrict the personal information that you give out

Keep your personal information confidential on your dating profile.  Having a safe online dating profile means that you need to think carefully about the information that you put in your dating profile.

Don’t put any details about where you live or work on your profile and until you totally feel comfortable with the person that you are speaking to, it is best not to reveal your full name, home phone number and address.

2) Go with your instincts

At times, it can be hard to judge people from their online dating profile and what they say about themselves when you speak to them via chat or email.  Trust your inner intuitive and if something doesn’t feel right then that is a warning to you to be cautious of the person that you are liaising with.

3) Ensure the information they are providing is consistent

People will tell white lies from time to time however when the information is constantly contradictory, alarms will ring which should make you question whether the truth is being told.  You want to meet someone who is honest and truthful rather than someone who you can’t trust!

4) Be aware of married people

You can have all sorts of people who decide to do online dating just for fun even if they are married!  It’s unfortunate however it does happen that people can be deceitful and not reveal their true relationship status.  Keep in mind that people may not be totally truthful about being single

5) Meet in a public place for the first date

If all the safe online dating tips have been followed and you feel you are ready to put the face to the photo, email and voice, ensure that the first date is held in a public place.  Never make arrangements to meet at their house or be picked up at your home by your date.  Let a friend know where you are and who you are with so they are aware that you are with someone that you have never met before.

Safe online dating is essential, especially if it is your first entry into the online dating world.  Don’t be afraid of letting someone down gently online if things don’t seem right.  It is your safety that is the priority!

Take a Free Dating Compatibility Test

Dating Compatibility TestOne of the quickest ways to cut through the swathe of online dating sites and narrow your matches down is to join dating sites that have a dating compatibility test.  The people that sign up for these websites are more likely to be serious about finding a partner as a nominal payment is required if you would like to contact your matches after filling in a comprehensive questionnaire.

Websites like EHarmony, Match Affinity and Parship have the ability to provide with better and more ideal matches based on the questions that you and your potential love interest answers.

EHarmony is particularly popular with those aged 30-55 and looking for a serious relationship rather than just casual dating.  Fill in an eHarmony dating compatibility test questionnaire and ensure you complete the questions carefully so that the best suitable matches will come up.  The calibre of matches is impressive however there is no search feature available to browse members of the site.

Singles aged 35-50 would find Match Affinity appealing.  Complete a unique psychometric test after which you will receive a full personality report and a list of matches.  There is an ability to search members so you are not only restricted to your matches.  You can also see who has viewed you and you have the ability to like and unlike members that you are interested in.

Parship is another UK dating site that offers a free dating compatability test. With this site you also complete a short profile before a list of instant matches will be produced along with a compatibility score with each of your matches.   View the compatibility chart of your matches and see how particular answers compare with those of your matches.  Search features are available as are fun features that will allow you to smile or send them an ice breaker.  The number of matches produced can be quite limited however on this dating site, so check it out for free before you sign up for a membership.

The benefit of completing a dating compatibility test is that matches that closely resemble the your answers will result in a greater number of compatible partners.  People that sign up for paid online dating sites are more likely to be serious about finding a partner whereas free online dating sites are more likely to attract people who may not be as serious and are only looking for something casual.   Why not give the dating compatibility tests a try and see how you go! You can try any of the above sites and receive a free dating compatibility test within the next half an hour!

4 Internet Dating Tips

Internet Dating Tipsby under CC BY


Online dating can be daunting for some people, especially for beginners. Once considered a weird method to find love, internet dating has come a long way. Nowadays, it has become a popular and convenient place to find a partner in life. Now, you can’t help but wonder how you can find true love this way.

Listed below are internet dating tips that you can follow to increase your chances of success.

  • Create a winning profile. Your profile is very important. It should make a great first-impression on members viewing. Make it fun and refreshing to capture someone’s interest.  This should include a recent picture of you, not something taken a few years back or so. Remember, choose decent pictures if you want to attract respectable prospect partners
  • Be honest. This is very important. No matter what, don’t pretend to be something you are not. If you truy want to find a serious relationship online, be honest. You don’t have to write down every aspect of your life, but you can summarize a few things about you, like what you do, your likes and dislikes among other things. Be clear about what you are looking for in a relationship. Be specific with what you need. This will save you and other members a lot of time
  • Stay safe. Keep personal details to yourself. Bear in mind, you are dealing with strangers here. Always observe the safety rules of online dating. Never give out your personal address and other personal information. Develop trust and a good relationship with prospect partners first. And if you have to meet, make sure to do it in a public place with lots of people around, like restaurant or parks.
  • Be polite yet fun. Online dating should be a fun experience. If members contact you, be nice to them. Even if you don’t like the person, just try to be polite. Avoid being so uptight. Learn to relax and just express who you really are. Anyway, nobody can see you. This should be a good consolation.

Online dating is a game of trial and error. Expect to meet a few singles and fail. Honestly, you will face a good number of disappointments with online dating. But this shouldn’t stop you from going on. Perseverance can take you far. When the time is right, you will meet the person who is truly meant for you. For the time being, follow the appropriate internet dating tips, enjoy the experience and have fun!

Dating for Divorced – Find Love Once Again

Dating for DivorcedAre you looking advice about dating for divorced? Divorce is never an easy thing. After all the crash and burn, getting involved in another relationship may be the last thing on your mind. But time will come, when things start to mellow down, you might feel the need to be with someone once again.

Thanks to modern technology, finding a partner isn’t so hard anymore. With the increasing popularity of online dating websites, there are many sites out there that also cater to dating for divorced.

Now that you’ve finally decided to get back in the dating scene, there are a few things that you need to put into consideration. Use this as your guide to make a wise decision with regards to online dating.

Take Things Slow

With online dating sites, you will meet a lot of people with different personalities. You should learn to enjoy the experience. Don’t rush things. If you find individuals whom you easily connect with, get to know each one better. Start with friendship before anything else. Build a strong foundation. Really get to know the person first. You of all people know how a relationship with a weak foundation crumbles easily. The last thing you need is a repeat experience.

Love Yourself

Unless you learn to love yourself once again, you won’t be fully satisfied with another relationship. Divorce has the power to ruin a person’s self-esteem. Don’t let the past drag you down. Move on and get on with your life.

If someone tries to connect with you in dating sites, give the person a chance to prove himself. Avoid becoming too critical. You won’t find love again unless you give it a chance.

Learn to Open Up to Other People

If you want a new chance on love, keep an open communication with prospect partners. Be honest about yourself and your past. Someone out there can surely relate to your experience and would be more than happy to lend a listening ear. Share a bit about what you have been through. Be specific about what you want in a relationship. Learn from your past and don’t make the same mistake again.

Why not take a look at some of the best dating sites and give love a second chance. Just because you’ve been hurt before doesn’t mean you will give up on relationships completely for fear of getting burned once again. Love and get hurt, get hurt and learn, learn and love again. Dating for divorced sites might be the place for you to find true love the second time around.

First Date EtiquetteYour first date…  This can often be exciting yet nerve-wracking at the same time.  Now, that you have finally decided to meet in person, the first date is very crucial. It will determine whether your meeting will lead to more dates, probably a more serious relationship or…NOT. If you don’t want your date to ditch you off and scram for dear life, get yourself acquainted with the proper first date etiquette.

1) Make an Effort with Your Appearance

If you want to make a good first impression, be conscious of your appearance. Don’t show up looking haggard and unkempt. Make sure to take a shower. Spray perfume or cologne so you will smell good. Wear fresh clothes and clean shoes. Clip your nails and remove all dirt underneath. Double-check your appearance in the mirror before you finally meet your date.

2)Be On Time

As much as possible, don’t show up late. If you can, arrive early. If you will be delayed for maybe 5 or 10 minutes, make sure to inform your date through call or text. Set your date ahead of time to avoid complications in schedule. NEVER show up 30 minutes or 1 hour late, this is just plain rude. Unless you have the perfect excuse, don’t expect another date to follow.

3) Don’t Monopolize the Conversation

Sure, it’s interesting to know about your background and what you do. But if you start to monopolize the conversation, things could get dull. You may also give your date the wrong impression that you are arrogant and self-absorbed. Bear in mind, monopolizing a conversation is not cute at all, it’s a turn off.

4) Give Compliments

A compliment here and there will surely be appreciated. However, don’t overdo it. Give compliments sincerely. This should lighten up the awkwardness of your first meeting.

5) Don’t Dwell on Past Relationship Issues
You can share tidbits of your past relationship. However, don’t make the mistake of divulging the full details of your life. This is the perfect way to scare your date away, something you don’t want to happen for sure.

6) Don’t Share Offensive Jokes

NEVER share offensive jokes. This is a big NO in the first date etiquette. In most cases, your attempt at humor will just backfire on you. Don’t put yourself in an awkward situation. You don’t know for sure if your date will share your humour. So, play it safe.

Now, always remember the importance of a first date etiquette. Guys, always be the perfect gentleman. Ladies, if you want your date to respect you, act in a way that will demand so. A first date is the perfect time to test the waters. So, learn to relax and have fun.

Dating for Professionals is becoming more and more popular as many people place a huge value on dating someone that has a similar educational background or a similar status in their professional career.

There are a few different sites that cater for dating for professionals. It is best to learn a little bit more about these first before you dive in.

1. Online Dating for Professionals

There are a lot of online dating websites that describe themselves as dating agencies for professionals. But, as soon as you take away the personal interview from the process, you may actually find that there is not really any difference between this type of site any other type of online dating site!

Some people will define a “professional” as anyone who is working (compared with students and unemployed people). Others have a much more tight definition that would probably not, for example, include somebody who delivers papers or works at a checkout. So you need to do a little research into these professional dating sites and find out exactly what they mean when they call themselves as dating agencies for professionals.

It is also worth finding out if these dating sites verify anything. For example, if a member describes himself as a business owner, do they check what their business is? (or if they actually have a business at all)? If not, then I would imagine that anybody could join, and that is probably not what you want if you are specifically looking for dating agencies for professionals.

Another easier, and perhaps cheaper option is to just register with one of the most popular UK Dating Sites. These sites allow you to either search for people who have specific education or professional backgrounds or they involve filling in a personality questionnaire that includes questions about your own education and profession and allow you to specify exactly what you are looking for.

2. In Person Matchmaking Services for Professionals

Yes, they do actually still exist! These are the traditional one on one matchmaking services that interview you and then give you introductions to people that they think you would be compatible with. Nowadays all the matching is typically done by computer, but they will still hold an interview to discuss your requirements and to vet all applicants.

The face to face element of these dating for professionals services clearly involve a lot  more expense in terms of time and money. This mean that these types of services are typically at the top end of the market in terms of cost, and should be regarded as an elite service.

However, there is one advantage to this expense. That is, that other members are likely to be wealthy or at least financially comfortable. People on lower incomes will be weeded out by the pricing. So you are more likely to meet your financial peers. You can also be pretty sure that if somebody is spending this much for the service, they are definitely on the lookout for a more serious relationship.

This type of service is usually only available in big cities where there are enough clients to make it a viable business from the company’s point of view. This is very important for you as well, because you need to know that there are a lot of other members for you to date.

UK Singles Dating Websites

Are you Looking for UK singles dating websites? Do you have an interest in meeting other UK people through online dating? Luckily there are plenty of opportunities to do this on the internet. Before you rush to join, we have some information you’ll want to know. So continue reading.

First, it’s true that there are many exclusively UK singles dating websites that you can join. However, just because you live in the UK does not mean you have to look for exclusively UK singles websites. Numerous dating sites that cater for worldwide singles will have a good amount of UK members.

It is no wonder that the biggest dating sites usually have the most members, wherever you live. So you could meet more people by joining a big international site instead of restricting your search to UK singles dating websites.

Another factor to take into consideration is whether you’ve got other interests that could filter your choice of the ideal partner. For example, if you are Christian you may only want to meet other Christians. Or it might be vital that you have a partner who shares your interests. In this situation, it is often smart to look for a specialised dating website that caters for the precise people that you want to meet.

Most dating websites will let you search their member records free of charge. Occasionally you can do this before you even sign up. More frequently, you have to enter an email address to be able to access the database. However, you shouldn’t need to make any payment at this stage. You will need to find out whether the site has suitable members near your home before you join as a paid member.

You can usually expect to find a lot of choice. A large number of single people are members of global and UK singles dating websites nowadays, so unless you live in a very remote area, you ought to easily find the profiles of plenty of attractive members living in your area.

If at all possible, obviously, you should find your perfect partner living in the next street. But that does not always happen. Before you start looking for dates, you should determine your priorities.

Which is more vital to you, discovering the right person or finding someone who lives near you? If you just want some fun dates, then location is most likely top of your list. However, if you are searching for a serious relationship that may result in marriage, it is not so important where the person lives. Either you or the other person may be willing to relocate if you turn out to be soul mates.
Remember that you can join multiple sites. Of course, when it comes to becoming a paid member, you will probably want to restrict yourself to 1 or 2 online dating sites. Nevertheless, as a free member you’ll be able to join as many as you desire and look around.

Do not be surprised if other folks are doing this too. Remember, they are permitted do all they can to find their perfect partner, just as you are. Seeing the same profiles in numerous places just isn’t unusual. But you might want to stay clear if you see the same photo coming up with different ages, names or some other personal details on different international or UK singles dating websites.

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