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These days, you will find many free online dating sites on the internet. Some of these are 100% free and you can contact anybody on the site with absolutely no restrictions, without paying a monthly fee. Usually these sites have a lot of advertising, because they need to cover their costs in some way and it is not possible to design, maintain and host a dating website for free.

It is much more common that online dating sites are free to join initially but then you have to become a paid member to access their full range of features. In the majority of cases, a member of these sites can respond to messages but cannot initiate contact without paying the monthly fee. In other cases, you can’t do much apart look at the profiles if you remain a free member. The best plan is to takke a look at the top uk dating sites and join a few of them for free. Then decide on the one that you like the best and upgrade.

So should you join a paid or a free online dating site? The main advantage of joining a paid membership site is that you can be very sure that the other active members are serious about looking for a partner. If they weren’t, they would stop paying their monthly fee. Conversely, on a free site, you can waste a lot of time contacting people only to find that they have in fact left the website, leaving their profile active because there is no charge for doing that.

Of course, you will want to look at plenty of onliune dating websites before you decide which one to join. You can do that by signing up as a free member, having a good look around and searching the profiles. You should find out how many members they have in the area and age range that you are looking for. Also have a look at how many of those are full or paid members, if the site gives you that information. When you have done this for several online dating websites you will have a good feel for which one you want to join.

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internet dating dangersIf you’ve been looking around internet dating sites for a while now and have finally met someone you want to meet in real life, congratulations! Before you do this, it is good to have an awareness of internet dating dangers and take a few precautions.

First and mostimportantly, never let the other person rush you into a date. You may think that the quickest and simplest way to find your ideal partner would be to go on dates with everyone who contacts you that you like the look of, but this is actually not true.

Going on a date with someone that you’ve never met before uses a lot of emotional energy as well as being more time consuming than you probably Also, if you’ve never met someone before you are also exposing yourself to possible internet dating dangers.

Before you go on a date you should try to speak to the person briefly on the phone if possible. At a miniumum this will tell you that you are speaking to somebody of the right gender! You will also probably be able to estimate their age.

Even better is to have a quick chat online using a webcam. This will allow you to be sure that the person you are talking to is someone that you actually want to meet in reallife.

One of the biggest internet dating dangers (in fact, a risk for any dating situation, and not only for women) is the ‘date rape drug’. This makes you appear very drunk so a person can easily take you home with them or steal from you. If you allow your date to buy you a drink, don’t let them out of your sight while they do it. When you go to the bathroom, finish your drink before you go or leave whatever you had in your glass untouched when you come back.

One of the most important things to do is always have your first few dates in a busy public place. This means that you will need to arrange your own transport rather than allow your date to pick you up from home.

Try not to make a date in a part of town that is completely unfamiliar to you. If that is unavoidable, check out the place you will be meeting a few days before the date, to be sure you feel safe there.

You may want to ask a couple of your friends to be in the place where you will meet. Obviously they wouldn’t sit beside you or interrupt your date but they can be available to help you out if a bad situation happens. If you don’t fancy doing this, you should at least tell a friend where you are going and get them to give you a quick phone during your date. This phonecall gives you an excuse to leave if things are not going well.

The internet is a great place to meet people online. Don’t let these internet dating dangers stop you from doing this, but the best strategy is to keep an open mind and be cautious at the same time.

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internet dating dangerInternet dating is becoming more and more popular, but What are the major internet dating dangers and should you be worried by them? What are the best ways to protect yourself against harassment, fraud or physical attack? Do internet dating dangers only affect women, or can men be affeccted a well? These are just a few of the internet dating danger questions that we will consider below.

Of course, risks surround us in our everyday lives. internet dating dangers are not the only thing that we should worry about. Nevertheless, internet dating websites are one of many ways for scammers, stalkers and even killers to get in touch with potential victims – and yes, it is possible for these victims can be men as well as women.

1. Your Internet Dating Profile

The first place that you need to protect yourself on the internet is in your profile. Make sure that you never include any personal information that could lead to you being traced. This means that you shouldn’t put your email address, home address, phone numbers or anything that reveals your place of work. This precaution is something that applies to all public profiles that you create online, not just on dating websites.

It is also a good idea to avoid any mention of sex or money in your profile. Don’t try to come across as hot, especially if you are a woman (you may be told later you were ‘asking for it’). Saying that you own your home or have a comfortable income, while possibly attracting more dates, can mark you out for financial scammers and identity thieves.

If you live in a very small town, you may want to show your location as the nearest big city as this can help to protect you further and it also makes it more likely that people from that city will contact you, this increasing your chances of getting a date.

2. The Other Person’s Profile

Whenever someone contacts you for the first time, look closely at their profile before you respond to them. You should only go ahead if you have a good feeling about them. Avoid responding to anybody who sounds like they are a victim, or someone that asks for help in their profile or stresses the bad things that have happened to them., You may also want to avoid contacting anyone who sounds like they are too good to be true!

3. Make contact Before a Date

Before you go on a date you should be sure to have had lots of contact through the dating website. The more you know about the person you are meeting, the easier it is to avoid internet dating dangers.

If the person only has one photo loaded on the site, ask to see more. You actually get people who will upload a photo of a complete stranger that they have taken from another site. If someone does this they will probably have trouble providing further pictures of the same person. However, multiple pictures are not a guarantee that the poriginal hoto is genuine.

If anything happens at any stage that sets alarm bells ringing, simply stop replying and, most importantly, block that person from contacting you again. Most internet dating sites offer this feature to help their members avoid internet dating dangers, so go ahead and use it.

Come back soon for part 2 of internet dating dangers – meeting up for your first date.

There are many UK Christian dating websites available on the internet and there are a number of advantages to joining these types of online dating sites, regardless of how important your religion is to you. In this post we’ll cover the main advantages of Christian dating and also cover how best to write your dating profile on these types of sites.

Many people who are trying to find someone to have a lasting relationship or marriage with, will feel that religion is very important. It is possible for people who have two different religions to get married, but this means that one person or both people have to be very flexible about it.

It is important for people who have been brought up according to a specific religion that their partner shares specific values or principles that are taken for granted in their own lives.

If you are a Christian and live in the UK, one of the biggest advantages of joining a UK Christian dating site is that the other members of this site (particularly the paid sites) are more likely to be looking for a serious relationship than the people who join a regular dating site. By joining the Christian on line dating site, they are saying that religion is important in the relationship which, as we have seen above, is more likely true of marriage than of casual affairs.

So what is the best way for you to write a profile for the Christian on line dating service that you have just joined? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) The reasons that are important to you about joining a Christian dating site are very likely to also important to your ideal partner. Therefore you may want to explain why Christianity is important in your life and your relationship and say a little aboput what you are looking for.

2) If you are looking for a relationship that will lead to marriage, don’t be afraid to say this. Doing this won’t commit you to anything with a particular person, but it will show that you are serious and this may give you a better chance at finding a suitable match.

3) When writing about your interests, make sure that you list things that are actually interesting! Yes, your Christianity is going to be important to potential partners, but this isn’t the only thing that is going to attract people to you. Your profile needs to show that as well as following Christ, you have an attractive and interesting personality.

Finally, if you are struggling to write your profile, why not take a look at other people’s profiles. Especially written by people of the same sex and age as you and see how they present themselves. Make sure that you don’t copy another profile, but you can certainly pick up a few ideas for your own Christian on line dating profile by doing this.

Hopefully this will help you to get started with some UK Christian Dating Sites.

If you are looking for the newest dating site on the internet, you are not the only one! You will probably find what you are searching for pretty quickly. But before you rush to sign up, you may want to think about it for a minute – is the newest dating site necessarily the best one?

One thing to remember is that the newest dating site will not be the newest site for very long! Very soon its place will be taken by a newer, more fresh dating website. Then it will be neither the newest, nor the best established, and that is not a recipe for success.

You may be better joining a more established website that has been around for a while. Of course, you may already be a member of one or more well established online dating sites. But if that is the case, isn’t it possible that you might find that you have more luck in finding your ideal mate if you stick with the older sites instead of striking out for the new every time?

Ask yourself what the maximum number of online dating sites you can really spend time on. Unless you are surfing the internet for hours every day that you are not actually out on dates, the number is likely to be quite small. As with most things we do, it is much more time efficient to improve and build on what is already working, than to keep on starting new things.

There are a number of advantages in sticking with the sites that you already know. First, you know your way around and this makes everything much easier to use. Every time you join the newest dating site, you have to set up yet another profile with your photos and details. You may start out thinking you can just copy your old information from another site, but pretty soon you will find that the profiles on different sites all have different formats.

Another thing to take into account is that older sites are probably still attracting more new members than the newer dating sites. This is because older websites are often seen as more authoritative or important in the search engines, so they will come out top of the list when somebody searches for online dating sites.

The majority of online dating sites have a way for you to see who has recently joined them. You may actually be better spending your time on freshening up your current profile with new information and photos than going to the newest dating site instead.

3 Tips on Internet Dating

Are you the type who believes in destiny or serendipity when it comes to finding your one true love? Well, it could be true or not and it may have worked for the others but your being alone for the longest time is a clear sign that this philosophy is not for you. It is advisable that you take action and believe in freewill instead.

There are so many ways on how to end up in the arms of your soul mate such as speed dating, blind dating, or Internet dating. Among these three options, a huge number of people favour searching in the web for their partner and many success stories have empowered this method.

If you are also on the lookout, you may find the following Internet dating tips helpful in leading your path to the Mr. or Ms. Right.

1) If you want to have unlimited options, it would be best if you sign up at the largest and most popular internet dating sites rather than the small ones. If you can display your profile on the big Internet dating sites such as Match UK or Dating Direct, you will have better chances of meeting your Mr. or Ms. Right.

2) Remember that finding a partner is just a matter of marketing yourself. Create a profile that says a lot about you. Just be careful about the information you will give. You can write anything impressive about you but you do not need to write everything. Your goal is to keep the mystery after all. More than anything else, be sincere. Tips on internet dating are good references but you should have your own signature style.

3) Posting good photos of you in different angles and moods will also help. Do not focus on one pose. Give your potential mate an idea on who you are and what kind of person he or she is dealing with.

4) Collect and select but have a specific target. Do not get this the wrong way as this is how Internet dating runs. It is okay to write a few prospects a quick note, but don’t try to contact too many people at once, or this may just lead to confusion!

If you have completed these three steps, all you have to do is wait for any response. However, if it is taking too long for you, it might be good to check your page and see what could be lacking. Improve your wordings and your promotion tactics. Get a friend to take a look and give you some suggestions for improvement.

In the majority of cases, simply believing that our soul mate will just appear in front of us like magic will not work and actively looking for him or her is still the best idea. Remember that you answer your own prayer.

Does Online Dating Work?

Does Online Dating Work? I would say “yes” it certainly does – I have one friend who is married with a baby and another who is in a long term relationship as a result of online dating. That’s not to say that it will always work though – like regular dating there are many failures as well as successes.

There are reasons why online dating is successful. Consider the fact that even if the dating happens through the Internet – social networking or online dating sites – two people still go through the process of getting to know each other. When they decided that they were compatible, that is when they began to date properly and got to know each other more on a deeper and more personal level.

Online relationships, or at least relationships that start online, are already widely accepted by most people today and anyone who is tired of hoping to come across with their potential soul mate in school, at work, or on the street can often find more success with online dating.

There are advantages in meeting online rather than meeting in a normal manner. These include:

  • Many more people to choose from.
  • The ability to filter people using specific criteria so you don’t waste time with people who are not compatible
  • You can carefully construct a profile to show you in your best light
  • Not as scary as asking someone out in the “real world”.

You may be thinking of creating your own account in an online dating site but you still can’t help but ask, “does online dating really work?”. I would say that there is certainly no harm in trying. Just be careful when you choose a dating site. Make sure that it has good privacy terms and that your information is protected. Have a look at our online dating reviews to find the best one for you.

5 First Date Questions

One of the most nerve-wracking experiences that you would have in your life aside from your job interview is your first date. First dates give you that exciting mixture of thrill and nervousness that saying there are butterflies in your stomach is putting it mildly. Some people have bad experiences on their first dates while others have good experiences that made their first dates unforgettable. If you want to belong to the second group of people, you should consider knowing about some first date tips such as the right things to ask on a first date.

It is important to know which questions to ask especially if it is your first date. Some questions might offend your date while others might bore her to tears. The right questions are safe yet interesting topics that you can talk about on your first date. To give you some ideas here are 5 first date questions you can ask.

1)  You can ask questions related to your date’s hobbies. This is a safe topic that you can talk about. You can talk about books that you have read, movies that you have watched, travels, sports, and other activities that you like to do on your free time. The good thing about this is that aside from keeping the ball rolling and your date animated, you will also learn more about her.

2) Another topic related to hobbies is your date’s interests. Questions related to interests are also safe to ask on a first date. It would be nice to find out that you and your date share the same interests in astronomy or anything related to the heavens and the outer space. Maybe on your next date, you can go star gazing and learn more about each other.

3)  Occupation can also be a good topic. You can ask about your date’s job and the kind of company she works for. However, refrain from asking about the salary. You should not talk about the salary unless you are really, really close to the person. Although it is okay to ask about your date’s occupation, do not make this conversation too lengthy or your date might find you too boring or formal.

4)  Happy childhood memories are also great topics for discussion. Do not directly say, “Tell me about your childhood.” You can subtly steer the conversation by mentioning something like “This place or food reminds me of my childhood.” And then you can ask questions related to childhood memories.

5) It is also a good idea to ask about current events especially if you think your date knows a lot about local, national, and world news. You can even have a friendly debate about some hot issues in the news. You can ask if she has heard about this news or that news and start your conversation from there.

This list of things to ask on a first date still depends on your initial assessment about your date. Moreover, this list is just a guide and you do not really need to stick to a set of questions. Just be yourself and let the conversation flow on its natural course.

Should You Take a Dating Personality Test?

Many people consider compatibility as one of the most important things in a relationship. This is the reason why some websites such as Match Affinity and E-Harmony decide to let their members answer dating personality tests to find their perfect mates. These online dating websites target adults who are looking for long term relationships and lifelong partners.

Although the right personality is also important in casual dating, this is not the main priority because your main reason for dating is to have fun and meet new people, not to get married or be committed to only one person. Casual dating means dating around and meeting new people. But if you want to have a serious relationship that can lead to marriage, you should consider checking out these kinds of websites. Here are some of the advantages of doing dating personality tests.

• By answering these types of quizzes, you can find people who share the same beliefs, principles, and other important things that matter. You do then base your decision on whether you have the same religious beliefs, have the same reaction in a certain situation, and so on. These things will give you a clue about the kind of personality and character that a person has.

• Another advantage of using a dating personality exam is that you do not need to filter out the people who do not have the same values and beliefs because this system can do it for you. This means that you do not have to reject a person yourself after learning that you have opposing opinions on things that matter to you. You do not need to feel guilty about rejecting someone just because you happen to have different values.

However, these personality tests do not mean that they are foolproof. Sure, you can find people who share some of your values and beliefs but not everything that matters are included in these tests. You still need to do your own filtering after talking with the people chosen by the website based on the results of your exam. Here are a few disadvantages of using these sites:

The dating personality test can take a long time to complete. You need to spend about an hour answering questions that will help you find the man or woman of your dreams. You need to diligently answer the questions up to the last item to be able to get good results.

Some of the websites do not allow you to search profiles in other ways. You cannot browse other profiles that the website thinks do not match the kind of values and personality you have based on the results of the test.

Some people end up getting married while others don’t. Everything still depends on you and the way you handle your relationships in real life. Do not solely rely on these tests. A long lasting relationship involves many aspects, not just sharing the same values and personality.

These were just a few advantages and disadvantages of dating personality tests. Knowing these things will help you decide whether these types of websites are perfect for your dating needs or not.

You can take a dating personality test for free at both E-Harmony and Match Affinity. Both these sites will provide you with your personality test results for free and a selection of potential partners.

3 Fun Cheap Date Ideas

While the thought of fancy restaurants and dressing up might one of the first things that come to mind when you think about dating, taking that special someone out on a date doesn’t have to drain your pocketbook. All it takes is a little bit of creativity to come up with some simple, yet fun, cheap date ideas for the perfect date night. Here are a few to get you started!

Cheap Date Idea #1 – Stay in for a Movie Night

One of the most simple date nights is a timeless classic- pick out a movie together and stay in for a cozy night of snuggling on the couch. If you don’t want to leave it at just a movie, you might want to consider getting out the cookbook and whipping up a quick meal for the two of you. She’ll love it if you surprise her with a candle lit dinner before the movie. Of course, if you aren’t very good with an oven and a spatula, there’s always the option of ordering pizza or getting take out.

Cheap Date Idea #2 – Plan a Romantic Picnic

If the two of you are the outdoorsy-type, a pic-nic can present a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other. Not only is it a lot of fun, but you can cut down on quite a few costs by bringing food that you already have at the house. Try picking out a place that neither of you have been before so it adds an element of surprise. Just remember to fill up on gas before you head out! If your date is up for it, you may want to suggest taking a hike while you’re out.

Cheap Date Idea #3 – Take a Trip to the Zoo

If your partner likes animals, the zoo can be a fun way to get out of the house and see all kinds of interesting wildlife. You’ll want to remember to bring sunscreen and water if you try this one out. Most zoos are relatively inexpensive to get into- it’s the concessions stands and gift shops that cost the most! You may want to try playing a game while you’re there, like a scavenger hunt to find certain animals. Or, you can make a game out of trying to find all the animals that start with a specific letter of the alphabet.

Some Final Thoughts

The best way to figure out cheap date ideas is to talk to your partner and figure out what they enjoy doing the most. By asking what their hobbies and interests are, you can begin to build a list of activities that you think the two of you will enjoy doing together. Try to get a feel for what kind of personality they are- some people prefer staying in for the night, while others want to get out and have a fun night on the town. Just remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun! All it takes is a little bit of creativity and planning.

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