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What is Christian Dating?

Are you a Christian yourself, or are you just wondering what is Christian Dating?  If so, here are the most common principles of Christians when it comes to dating. This may be helpful if you are wondering whether you can date someone who has strong Christian beliefs.

1) Common Beliefs and Moral Standards: No Christian relationship can work unless both partners have equal moral standards and beliefs. It is advised that a Christian should not seek a relationship with a non-believer because of this. Sometimes a person can have difficulty keeping God as his main priority when there is another person in his life that doesn’t share the same beliefs.

2) No Casual Dating and Sleeping Around: Christian dating excludes being sexual and casually dating around. Young Christians feel pressure from friends and school to date the way a non-Christian often would. Giving in to pressure can lead to bad decisions regarding what is believed to be right or wrong.

3) No Sex Before Marriage: A great number of Christians consider pre-marital sex to be a sin. As a result traditional Christian dating does not involve any sexual activity. Cuddling and kissing are acceptable forms of affection before marriage, but they should never be taken any further to remain in the path of God. Usually adult Christian struggles a lot more with this than young people because sex is considered to be an adult activity.

Sometimes a person will choose to remain single until they are older. Being single gives a Christian the chance to get acquainted and comfortable with their relationship with God. This is necessary for a true believer to accomplish before getting involved in another relationship. Being involved with someone is always going to be complicated.

Hopefully this helps to answer the question What is Christian Dating?

Help – My Date Is Too Cheap!

People that like to save money like to be called frugal rather than cheap. On the other hand, those who do not like to have the money factor be the primary guiding principle like to use the word stingy or cheap to characterize someone who is very careful with the money he spends.

A person may be frugal for a variety of reasons including their observation of their parents spending habits, focusing a lot on their future retirement or a fear of job insecurity and future downsizing.

Money is one of the biggest reasons or relationships break up so it’s good to be on the same page about this if you are thinking about getting serious with someone. Or if you are very different on this you should be able to joke around and not glare at each other.

If your parents took the family out to dinner regularly then this may be part of your lifestyle. But to another person, eating out can be something reserved only for a special occassion. Having a date that is a coupon clipper can be seen as restrictive to you if you aren’t used to that perspective.

A different approach towards money can be complimentary and not necessarily in opposition. For instance, you might actually enjoy that your date has coupons when you go to restaurants or movies and that you don’t have to read the newspapers to get the deals. When does someone watching money turn into the accusation of being cheap or stingy? There is no hard and fast rule on this matter. A lot of our reactions have to do with our preferences and our family backgrounds.

Do you argue and lock horns often over some of your differences? How much do you really care about some of the prefences? Picture yourself not dating this person and what your life would be like. Also think about the “ideal” date and ask yourself if you may be creating a dream person and not wanting to have a situation involving compromises or working through difficulties. Is this realistic?

If something is constantly nagging at you about the other person, face in yourself how important this is to you. Will you always be frustrated by the emphasis on cutting costs and not be able to relax or have a sense of humor about it? If you can’t see his other qualities and find yourself constantly harping on this verbally or in your own mind then it probably won’t work at this time in your life.

When you can overlook certain thing, be able to laugh at yourself and the other person and then this type of difference then these differences have a chance of succeeding.

Is The Perfect Partner A Fantasy?

How many times does someone say that they loved the person they e-mailed for 6  months from an online dating site but when they met he was totally different when they met in person! This shows us how much we bring our fantasies into play when we start to communicate with somebody. We create a picture of what they are really like, what our future with them will be and then we grow this dream continuously with more fantasies.

Do you want to live in fantasy or reality? A real human being has a history, has made mistakes, may have habits you don’t like , can get defensive at times etc. A fantasy person however magically can sweep away all the tough spots in our days.

The movie Enchanted is a great story about fantasy versus reality. The main character , Giselle, has an ideal image of her prince and when she meets him falls in love instantly. They decide to marry the next day but the evil step-mother sends her to NYC. Once in New York, Giselle
meets a man who tells her that you don’t marry someone after a one day relationship but need to date and get to know the other person. He pushed her to think about wanting to marry someone so rashly after knowing him for only one day. Aside from being from a different land, her world was shaken up due to her fantasy of romance being challenged. By being with an a person different than her original fantasy she came to actually love him more than her original prince who would sweep her off her feet. The man she grew to love wasn’t royalty, didn’t break into song at various moments and was actually a rational lawyer . But he was changed by her innocence and belief in love. She also wasn’t someone
he thought he’d ever end up with as a girlfriend.

Whatever your image of the ideal person is, take time to review it to see if it might leave out what is important in human interaction. Perfection actually won’t make most of us happy. If we had the perfect partner we’d probably become very insecure about ourselves and live in fear that things could end or change.

Should I Call Him or Not?

Have you ever been in this situation? You meet a great guy. There is chemistry. You think he is the one. And you truly believe he feels the same about you. You go on a few dates and the everything seems to be going well. And then all of a sudden out of the blue he stops calling. He just drops off the face of the earth. You don’t hear from him.

You are wondering “Should I call him or not?”. Then you try calling him and he doesn’t answer He lets your phone calls go to the voice mail. You leave a voice mail message  and you never hear back from him.

You start to panic. Everything was going so well. You seemed to have really hit it off. So what happened? Why did he suddenly stop calling? Was it something you said? Was it something you did? Was it something you didn’t do?

“Why doesn’t he Call” and “Should I Call Him or Not” are very common questions from women. If you are in this situation, you are definitely not alone.

For many women men are mysterious. But in reality men are easy to understand. Men are simple. And if you don’t understand what to do when your boyfriend or a man you have been dating stops calling you, responding to your phone calls, text messages, and e-mails, there are many solutions.

To find out more read Why Doesn’t He Call. You’ll learn the real reasons behind why he hasn’t called you and find out what you can do about it. You’ll also discover How to Make Him Call You.

Long Distance Relationship Advice

If you or your partner have recently moved out of the area, you may be looking for some long distance relationship advice to help you to adjust to the new situation. Due to job changes, college attendance or other life factors, relocation is much more common than in the past. Did you make a decision to continue to work on your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Despite the difficulties, many couples can succeed at keeping their relationship alive with hard work.

Here are four long distance relationship tips to help your love to survive despite the distance:

Stay Involved: Whether you use e-mail, IM, or cell phones, showing your care and concern for the other person’s life is the most important thing. If your partner moved, find out how their new job, apartment, classes and other aspects of their life really are going . Take time and pay attention to the names of their new bosses, co-workers and new people in their lives to continue with intelligent conversations. You want your partner to share his or her life with you and to participate it in it meaningfully by asking questions and giving feedback. Show your support.

If your partner is the one who stayed at the former location, find out how their situation has been going for them . By your absence, their world is shaken up and going to be very different as well. They will have to deal with weekends alone, isolation, trying to meet new friends and other experiences that may be frightening and uncomfortable.

Keep the Memories Alive: In your conversations bring in some of the good memories- the jokes, the movies you’ve seen together and times you’ve shared. Try to plan some trips to see each other to have something to look forward to for the future. If this is too difficult for now then work on strengthening the relationship via webcams, online chatting, e-mails and the phone.

Inevitably your partner will be growing new friendships and these may include people of the opposite sex. Don’t view this with jealousy and anger or it will create problems. It is natural to feel a bit threatened and envious but to expect someone to isolate themselves isn’t healthy.

Ensure there is Trust: Did you discuss with your partner if you’ll be dating others or maintaining an exclusive relationship? If you discussed that you would only have friendships with people of the opposite sex then show your trust to your partner and don’t get critical or defensive about his or her new friendships. When you lived in the same town each of you had opportunities to speak with others of the opposite sex , flirt and check people out. You should have trust in your relationship and also the agreement to be open with each other if one of you wants to start to date someone else so that there is genuine communication.

Plan Trips to See Each Other: Be sure to plan trips for the future to see each other. Whether it is a weekend away or a 2 week holiday abroad, having planned time together to see each other will make it easier for you to survive the time apart.

It is challenging to work on a long distance relationship but very rewarding and if you use our long distance relationship advice you should be able to prove that your relationship can survive a separation due to distance.