dating for single parentsThe dating scene is already a daunting task for singles, so dating for single parents can be even more difficult. Sure, your child may be the apple of your eye but there comes a time when you just want some companionship and adult interaction. Here are a few tips for dating when you have children:

1) Clearly state on your online dating profile that you have children – Be upfront in your dating profile and state that you have children and that you would like to meet other people with children. Disclosing this information will ensure that there are no nasty surprises. You will generally find that there are a good number of people who are perfectly happy to date people with children, but at the same time there are also many people who do not want to date a parent.

2) Register for dating sites that are specifically for single parents – Narrow your search and register for online dating sites that are specifically tailored for single parents. Websites like Dating for Parents represent single parents that are looking for love and a great opportunity to meet other people in similar situations. The only real downfall is that the membership base may be limited, so be sure to register for free first and have a look around the dating for single parents website before you actually join. If there are not enough people in your area you would be better trying one of the most popular dating sites instead. You’ll probably find plenty of other single parents on there and many non parents who are more than happy to date someone with kids.

3) Chat to your children about your plans for dating — If you have older children, sit down with them and talk with them about your plans to start dating. Tell them why you would like to start dating and answer any questions that they may have about the process. If they have reservations, try and quell them and state your commitment to them.

4) Think carefully about when to introduce your date to your children – Now this is the all important part of dating for single parents, when to make the introduction to your children. First and foremost, your relationship with the person that you are dating should be fully committed and you can see a real long-term future with them. It is important to be selective with who you introduce to your children as you do not want your children to become too attached in case things do not work out. The introduction of your date to your children should be when you, your date and the children are ready. Make the situation informal, casual and relaxed to ease the pressure of the situation.

Dating for single parents can be daunting as it is not only you that you have to consider but also your children’s well-being. Go out and meet new people however understand that it is most beneficial to still spend a lot of quality time with your children. The person that you are dating must understand when that introduction time comes to your children that it is a serious step in the relationship. Enjoy dating as a single mum or dad!

Dating for Parents

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