first date good signsThe first date can create a lot of pressure on both parties as both of you really want it to go well. Sometimes, it can be hard to judge whether a first date is going to translate into a second date or it will just be a one-off first date. First date good signs can include -

Positive body language – If your date is mirroring the same gestures as you then that is a good sign that the date is going well. Another positive sign is if your date leans towards you when you are speaking. A date that nods and tilts their head to the side as you are talking indicates your date is paying attention and listening to what you have to say.

Flirty signs – First date good signs includes flirting from both parties. Smiling, extended eye contact and the brushing of the leg or touching of the arm means the date is going well. Generally, people don’t touch people unless they are interested in the other person!

Focus of attention is on you – A date that keeps their attention focused on you throughout the whole date is a good sign. If they are constantly checking their phone, looking at other tables of people, not really responding then that means the date is not going too well. However, if they are listening, responding and you have their undivided attention then they are positive signs.

The conversation flows – Having flowing good conversation means you are connecting with the other person on the first date. If the conversation stagnates and you run out of things to say then that is probably not a good thing. When both parties have endless things to talk about then that is a sign the date is going well.

The date is lasting a while – If both parties like each on a first date then you would want to spend as much time as possible with the other person. If your date lasts from lunch to evening then that is a good sign as opposed to a date that is either cut off short or does not last that long.

Planning for the next date – A first date that has gone well will end by your date suggesting a specific date to meet up (eg what are you doing next Thursday night?) rather than a generic “I’ll call you”. If you find that both of you talk about doing particular things together in the future during the date then that is a good sign you both see a future in the relationship.

Everyone who goes on a first date wants it to be a good experience. First date good signs can be indicators that there is a likelihood that the other person likes you. Be relaxed and enjoy yourself on your first date then if a second date comes out it then you must have been doing something right!

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