Good First Date QuestionsThe lead up to the first date can bring on a mixture of emotions as you prepare to meet that special someone that may ultimately be the person that you spend the rest of your life with!

The key to leaving a positive impression is to ask good first date questions and to engage your date in conversation that is thoughtful, interesting and insightful. Some of these questions may include the following;

What are your hobbies and interests?
To get a sense of whether you and your date are compatible, you should share a few similar hobbies and interests. Shared experiences together are important to a relationship so you should be able to do activities that you both enjoy.

What is your dream job?

People often have certain aspirations of what they would love to do as a job if they are not in their dream job already. This is a question that should light up your first date’s eyes and get them talking allowing you to see what really inspires them.

Tell me about your family
Do they come from a loving and close family or are they are a bit dysfunctional? How many siblings do they have and what are the relationships like between them? The answers will give you bit of an insight into the values that they hold and the sort of upbringing that they had.

What do you like to look for in a guy / girl?

Keep a mental note of whether you fit the criteria of what the other person is after. Hopefully, you will tick most or all of their boxes! If not, you may have to have a serious think about whether to pursue things further.

What happened with your last relationship?
Ask at least one tough question on your first date! Gently probe what happened and whether or not it had left a lasting impact. They may have had their heart broken and are still pining for their last love. You don’t want to be caught up with someone who has not truly gotten over their last relationship or has still resentment and anger inside them.

Good first date questions can either make or break the first meeting between two people who are looking for love. Making a good impression on the first date will lead you to a second date, third date and eventually a long-lasting relationship. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself on the first date. Happy dating!

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