People that like to save money like to be called frugal rather than cheap. On the other hand, those who do not like to have the money factor be the primary guiding principle like to use the word stingy or cheap to characterize someone who is very careful with the money he spends.

A person may be frugal for a variety of reasons including their observation of their parents spending habits, focusing a lot on their future retirement or a fear of job insecurity and future downsizing.

Money is one of the biggest reasons or relationships break up so it’s good to be on the same page about this if you are thinking about getting serious with someone. Or if you are very different on this you should be able to joke around and not glare at each other.

If your parents took the family out to dinner regularly then this may be part of your lifestyle. But to another person, eating out can be something reserved only for a special occassion. Having a date that is a coupon clipper can be seen as restrictive to you if you aren’t used to that perspective.

A different approach towards money can be complimentary and not necessarily in opposition. For instance, you might actually enjoy that your date has coupons when you go to restaurants or movies and that you don’t have to read the newspapers to get the deals. When does someone watching money turn into the accusation of being cheap or stingy? There is no hard and fast rule on this matter. A lot of our reactions have to do with our preferences and our family backgrounds.

Do you argue and lock horns often over some of your differences? How much do you really care about some of the prefences? Picture yourself not dating this person and what your life would be like. Also think about the “ideal” date and ask yourself if you may be creating a dream person and not wanting to have a situation involving compromises or working through difficulties. Is this realistic?

If something is constantly nagging at you about the other person, face in yourself how important this is to you. Will you always be frustrated by the emphasis on cutting costs and not be able to relax or have a sense of humor about it? If you can’t see his other qualities and find yourself constantly harping on this verbally or in your own mind then it probably won’t work at this time in your life.

When you can overlook certain thing, be able to laugh at yourself and the other person and then this type of difference then these differences have a chance of succeeding.

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