online dating advice for men Are you looking for some online dating advice for men?  Finding that perfect woman online can take a bit of time and effort however with persistence and guidance, the process can be made easier. In this post you’ll find some tips to help make your online dating experience easier and hopefully more successful!

#1 Putting up respectable photos of yourself
Photos are the key to attracting women to read your profile further. If you don’t have a photo attached to your profile, it is unlikely that women will want to contact you. Put up photos that are of high quality, shows your face clearly and is not obscured by a hat or sunglasses. Don’t put up photos without your shirt off as it can lead women to think you have a big ego unless that is your intention!

#2 – Making Your Profile Stand Out
Make your profile stand out from the others. Be quirky, unique and show a bit of personality. Women like a bit of humour so adding a bit of wit and charisma will help attract women to read your profile. Ensure your profile is not so short that it barely says anything about you but not so long that it tells your complete life story! Introduce an element of intrigue into the profile.

#3 – Use a Spell checker
Spelling mistakes can be a turn off for women as they may think that you don’t really care about what you write. Women will be more than likely to contact a man who has a profile that is error free in spelling than one that is ridden with spelling mistakes.

#4 – Email etiquette
When contacting a woman, write a message that is short, light-hearted, refers to her profile and asks at least one question. Writing just a simple hello will not do entice her to write back. Be mindful that if a woman contacts you, it doesn’t mean she’s desperate, she’s being proactive!

#5 – Moving onto the meet up stage
Email correspondence can be a great way to get to know a woman but after a while, you do eventually want to meet in person. It is highly recommended that you ask for the woman’s number after a handful of email exchanges. Make a time to talk on the phone and if you feel a connection then arrange to meet up. Online dating is all about looking for that special someone but you actually have to meet in person to know whether you have that spark and chemistry!

A number of considerations come into play when you go online dating. Online dating advice for men will help make online dating easier and more successful in meeting your dream woman!

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