If you are trying to compile your first online dating profile you are probably looking for a few online dating photo tips. What message do you give out in your online photo? One thing that some people do is have a photo with an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend on an online dating site. Aside from violating the person’s privacy, this is really not the best choice for introducing yourself to another person. It isn’t hard today to get a photo with a digital camera or even a mobile phone so that you don’t have to resort to a photo showing an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. This may make the person viewing your picture wonder if you may include them in the photo in future!

One of the most important online dating photo tips is to think about what you like to see when you view someone’s photo. In speaking with a few female friends, they commented that they like to see three or four photos of a guy. One would be him alone outside or in his home. Another could be with family members or with a pet. A third is one where he is travelling. A fourth might be a picture with friends at a restaurant. Women have also commented that they aren’t looking for photos of some guy’s six pack of abs which is often the kind of photos guys put up (or pictures of a shirt buttoned down to the belly button). The women asked reported that they like to see family shots and photos showing social situations more than a modeling portfolio that is just showing off someone’s ego.

Another online dating photo tip is to take the time to put up recent photos so there isn’t a lot of miscommunication. If you upload a picture from ten years ago then it can lead to different expectations and unrealistic projections. It is okay to not look like you did ten years ago. Hopefully people are not shallow or only looking at one’s appearance but are looking at inner development as well. Don’t forget to write that in your profile. What have you learned about love, compassion, forgiveness and yourself? Put that in the narrative section so people get to see the inner you too!

People are looking for a real person with wisdom and life experience so don’t short change yourself by leaving that out of your profile.

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