Online dating profile ideasAre you trying to find some online dating profile ideas?

If you can stand out from the crowd and write a good online dating profile you will be more likely to attract a good calibre of people to your profile. You will then have the good fortune of being able to pick and choose those that interest you the most! Here are 6 Online dating profile ideas to help you get started:

1) Upload a presentable and clear picture of yourself. As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words! Like it or not, a photo of yourself will be the deciding factor as to whether someone wants to contact you or not. Hence, it is important to put up a quality photo of yourself that puts you in the best light. Ensure your face can be seen clearly and that it’s not too much of a close up so your nostrils can be seen or too far that it just looks like you’re a spot in the background!

2) Choose a witty and interesting user name and tagline. Many dating sites will provide the opportunity for you to create a user name and tagline. Be creative and unique and choose one that will demonstrate why people should get to know you better.

3) Limit your profile to a select few paragraphs. Capture attraction to your online profile by being selective in the information that you write. If you write a full on book about your life, people will switch off immediately. There are so many profiles online to browse that just a few short and sharp paragraphs is all that you need to entice them to learn more about you.

4) Show some personality in your writing. An online dating profile is rather static and one dimensional so why not show some personality in the way you write your profile. Be witty, intelligent and interesting in the profile that you are writing so they know that you’re not just one of the masses writing the same thing that everyone else does.

5) Be honest. Don’t be afraid to let people know what you are looking for. You never know whether someone just wants a casual and short-term liaison or whether they are seriously seeking a relationship so just save the heartache and be candid in what you want.

6) Be modest. It can be tempting to talk yourself up on your dating profile however don’t be too outrageous that it would turn potential partners away. Be down to earth when writing your online profile and state certain achievements that you are proud of however don’t get too carried away.

The most important element of online dating is having an attractive online profile that is likely to draw people in so they will want to contact you. Show your creative and witty side and write an online profile that ensures you stand out from the crowd!

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