online dating vs real life datingWhen comparing Online dating vs Real life dating there are many similarities but also many differences. Single men and women may have a particular preference for online dating or real life dating or alternate between both.

Both online and offline dating have their advantages and disadvantages and it is often better if you can do either of these rather than sticking to one or the other.

Here are a few comparisons of online and offline dating:

  • Online dating websites can provide opportunities to meet countless of single people giving you a wide selection of potential partners to choose from. Real life dating is limited to the people you meet at bars, parties, clubs, single events and other opportunities where you may meet single people.

  • To initiate contact with someone that you are interested in online, you can use “flirting functions” that most websites offer, like sending a “wink”, “poke” or “heart”. Rejection may be in the form of a non response. In person, when you see someone that you are interested in, it can take a lot of courage to approach someone and start up a conversation with them. You have to be prepared with being rejected in person.

  • You can get to know people online through the comfort of your own home rather than having to get dressed up, going to bars, spending money on drinks and hoping to meet someone on your night out.

  • In real life dating, instant attraction and chemistry can be sensed straight away. With online dating, a period of great correspondence may mean you have a connection however when you decide to meet in real life, the chemistry and attraction may not translate in person.

  • Behind a computer, online daters can write any sort of information that they want whether it be truthful or not. They may lie about information such as their age, occupation and relationship status. In person, it is easier to gauge whether a person is being truthful by the information they are telling you or by asking them specific questions.

  • Online dating has some negative stigma as a way of meeting single people. People can assume it is unsafe and potentially dangerous where you can meet unfavourable people who have not been totally truthful in their online dating profile. Real life dating is seen as traditional and the preferred way of meeting people.

The traditional way of meeting single people and dating is through face-to-face however with Internet access becoming more and more common world wide, meeting people online has become more popular. There are many differences and similarities of both methods of meeting people. Online dating vs Real life dating both have their advantages and disadvantages however combining both methods will mean you can double your chances of meeting that special someone!

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