safe online dating When someone mentions online dating as an avenue of meeting people, some people will recoil in horror at the thought of meeting a complete stranger from the Internet.  Online dating definitely does not have to be perceived this way with just following a number of simple safe online dating tips.

1) Restrict the personal information that you give out

Keep your personal information confidential on your dating profile.  Having a safe online dating profile means that you need to think carefully about the information that you put in your dating profile.

Don’t put any details about where you live or work on your profile and until you totally feel comfortable with the person that you are speaking to, it is best not to reveal your full name, home phone number and address.

2) Go with your instincts

At times, it can be hard to judge people from their online dating profile and what they say about themselves when you speak to them via chat or email.  Trust your inner intuitive and if something doesn’t feel right then that is a warning to you to be cautious of the person that you are liaising with.

3) Ensure the information they are providing is consistent

People will tell white lies from time to time however when the information is constantly contradictory, alarms will ring which should make you question whether the truth is being told.  You want to meet someone who is honest and truthful rather than someone who you can’t trust!

4) Be aware of married people

You can have all sorts of people who decide to do online dating just for fun even if they are married!  It’s unfortunate however it does happen that people can be deceitful and not reveal their true relationship status.  Keep in mind that people may not be totally truthful about being single

5) Meet in a public place for the first date

If all the safe online dating tips have been followed and you feel you are ready to put the face to the photo, email and voice, ensure that the first date is held in a public place.  Never make arrangements to meet at their house or be picked up at your home by your date.  Let a friend know where you are and who you are with so they are aware that you are with someone that you have never met before.

Safe online dating is essential, especially if it is your first entry into the online dating world.  Don’t be afraid of letting someone down gently online if things don’t seem right.  It is your safety that is the priority!

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