online dating dos and don’tsOnline dating has become a more and more popular way of meeting people in recent times. The majority of households in the UK now have access to a computer and as a result, the world of cyberspace has now opened up a whole new level of online dating. There are certain online dating dos and don’ts involved in meeting people through the Internet;

  • Do include a photo on your online dating profile. People who have a photo attached to their profile are more likely to receive more attention than people who don’t have a photo. Make sure the photo is recent and is not obscured by sunglasses or hats.
  • Do make your profile interesting and appealing. If your profile is basic and dull then that won’t exactly have people wanting to contact you especially when there are other profiles that are much more witty and intriguing.
  • Do keep your first email and subsequent emails brief and light-hearted. A paragraph or two is enough to keep an air of mystery about you until you finally decide to meet. Knowing a person’s life history before having even met them in person doesn’t make things as enthralling as making little personal discoveries along the way!
  • Do meet in public for your first date and take things slow and steady. You want to make sure the other person is sincere and genuine before you decide that the relationship is worth pursuing.
  • Don’t use clichés in your online dating profile. Saying that you love long walks on the beach is very cliche and does not reveal anything interesting about you. Be unique in what you have to say!
  • Don’t forget to double check your spelling. If your profile is ridden with spelling mistakes, it shows that you are a bit careless in your writing and may be even a turn off for people who have a hang up about spelling!
  • Don’t reveal any confidential information on your profile or in email exchanges with the other person. Don’t reveal personal information such as where you live, your last name, your home number and where you work. Stalkers do exist so the best thing is to go on at least a few dates before you reveal any sort of personal information.
  • Don’t continue seeing someone if you don’t have chemistry with them. You will know in the first few minutes of meeting whether you have that spark with them or not. If it isn’t there on the first date then it’s not there and can’t be created.

There are certain online dating dos and don’ts that people should follow to ensure the online dating experience is positive and successful. Online dating is exciting and is a great way to meet that special someone however do take the necessary precautions!